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The latest sex experience

Interactive remote sex is a completely new trend, allowing the visitor and the webcam model to truly feel each other.

We are the first completely interactive webcam platform in the world to make this happen. Many interactive E-toys by well-known brands like Kiiroo, Fleshlight and We-vibes are currently on the market. And they all work on our platform. There are plenty of visitors who would love to share their E-toy with you.

There is a lot of media coverage across the globe, and the Pearl & Onyx have already won many awards. You now have the opportunity to become part of our unique interactive platform and to offer your visitors the ultimate pleasurable experience they simply cannot get anywhere else.
The visitors come from all over the world, so being able to speak English or another language would be highly useful.

Earn lots of money with this new sex experience

1. Base rate

The standard rate of our platform is € 1,00 (100 coins) per minute for a premium session with you. (video, chat, flirt)

basic rate                                                                    you earn
€ 1,00 (100 coins)                                                       € 0,35  ( 35% of basic rate) p.min.

2. Interactive connection

For interactive services ( dildo-control and masturbator (Onyx/Launch) connection) the rate is € 2,00 ) per minute for a premium session with you. (video, chat, flirt, interactive pleasure)

interactive rate                                                                    you earn
€ 2,00 (200 coins)                                                       € 0,70 per minute

3. You decide the rate for special requests (vip)

You determine the rates for a VIP-treatment and special requests. We have 2 groups of treatments, for each group you determine the service and the rate. (video, chat, flirt, interactive pleasure and vip service)

special request                                                              you earn
VIP I – soft services (€ 2,50 till € 5,00)                            35-45%
VIP II – hard services (€ 5,50 till € 10,00)                        35-45%

 4. Level up your percentage by selling E-toys

You start with an basic percentage of 35% of the minute rate for a visitor. By selling E-toys (Onyx and Pearl) you can level up this percentage to 45%. The more you sell, the higher your percentage. There’s no time limit to reach this.

Sell 5 male masturbators (Onyx or Launch): 40%
Sell 15 male masturbators (Onyx or Launch): 45%


4. Sales bonus E-toys

Besides a higher percentage (see above) you also get a sales bonus for every E-Toy sold. The sale of the toys is embedded on your profile page, so you can offer your client an E-Toy when you’re live with him and encourage him to sell one. Then he can feel everything you do with him by your interactive dildo. The customer gets 1000 coins for free and no shipping costs charged when he buys this device from you. The only thing you have to do is supply your unique coupon-code (automised). Buit up your community with regular E-toy users and earn a high and stable income.

sales price                            bonus
Onyx     € 225,-                      €  33,75
Pearl     € 99,-                        €  14,95
Launch € 199,-                       € 12,95

5. Peeper

When you are in a session, other visitors can watch you. A peeper pays 50% of the standard rate. When a peeper has an E-toy , he can also feel you ! A peeper can’t chat or speak with you.

peeper                                   you earn
€ 1,00 (100 coins)                  € 0,35 p. min.

6. Tips

Your customer has the possibility to tip you during or after a session.

7. A brand new service : your interactive movie

Make your own videos (or existing) and sent it to us. We encode this movie so the Onyx responds on your movements in the movie. A vsitor can stream the video and having a full interactive experience with you, without beiing online! The price of decoding is € 10,- for a movie between 1-10 minutes.

interactive movie                 you earn
€ 7,50 (750 coins)                 €  2,65 per stream

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