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Interactive E-toys

Our platform is suitable for use of the most common interactive sextoys of all the famous brands. The marks are for many years active as a supplier of ordinary adult toys and are currently offering more and more interactive E-toys. Interactive sextoys are a logical consequence of the technological developments and the way people deal with. Sex on distance is now still in its infancy, but many experts and people from the adult industry predict a very fast growth of this phenomenon.

For people for whom sex is not self-evident, by limitation or other circumstance, remote with interactive sextoys sex gives a great boost to their sex life. The following brands are currently connected to our network and there follow the coming months even more brands and E-toys..



How does interactive sex work?

Award winner, media attention and VR

Kiiroo Onyx

E-Toy for men: the Onyx-a great male masturbator that accurately responds to the movements on the female Desai (Pearl). The modern and advanced masturbator Onyx close your easily through the app and you’re instantly interact with webcam models and interactive videos. The matte black exterior is accented by a touch pad. The Onyx has a strong cover to and is safe to transport.

Interactieve sextoys

Kiiroo Pearl

E-Toy for women: the Pearl-an ergonomic and interactive vibrator that accurately responds to the pc-control of our website or on the touchpad on the Onyx. Touches on the sensitive be transferred on the Onyx Pearl itself or the Fleshlight Launch, so that your visitor feels exactly what you know with she does.

Interactieve sextoys

Fleslight Launch

A new upgrade for owners of best selling Fleshlight. By the upgrade, these manual toy interactive and the movements of the Pearl transferred accurately on this trendy masturbator.

WE-vibes interactive E-toys

The Nova Rosa is a great vibrator for women who feel combines with your inside filled with simultaneous vibration of your G-spot and clitoris. The uniquely designed clitoral stimulator of Nova bends along with every move to stay in touch with your clitoris. The vibrator responds to control of the Onyx and on the control button on our platform.