The latest sex experience

Interactive remote sex is a completely new trend, allowing the visitor and the webcam model to truly feel each other.

We are the first completely interactive webcam platform in the world to make this happen. Many interactive E-toys by well-known brands like Kiiroo, Fleshlight and We-vibes are currently on the market. And they all work on our platform. There are plenty of visitors who would love to share their E-toy with you.

There is a lot of media coverage across the globe, and the Pearl & Onyx have already won many awards. You now have the opportunity to become part of our unique interactive platform and to offer your visitors the ultimate pleasurable experience they simply cannot get anywhere else.
The visitors come from all over the world, so being able to speak English or another language would be highly useful.


High earnings

Thanks to the fantastic sexual experience the E-toys offer, you can offer far more to your visitors than ever before.

  • Standard you earn € 0,35 per min. (video,chat, flirt)
  • Interactive connection : you earn € 0,70 per min.
  • Determine your own rates for extra service and earn up to € 4,50 p.m.
  • Level up your percentage to 45% by selling E-toys
  • Spectators also pay, and they feel anything you do
  • You receive € 0.175 per spectator/peeper (unlimited) per minute
  • Visitors can tip you
  • Longer sessions thanks to E-toys
  • Premium show only, no open cams
  • Your own interactive videos: earn money offline!
  • Sell E-toys in our web shop: you get a sales fee
  • Quick pay-out ( 14 days)
  • No monthly costs

You can earn a lot of money with this unique concept. You build your own international client base of visitors with E-toys, who will be all too happy to return to you because of the intense experience you give them.


What you need

In order to be able to work on our platform, you need to have our interactive and ergonomic dildo, the Pearl.

You simply connect the Pearl using an app (FeelConnect) and you will be interactive with the E-toy of your visitor right away. If your visitor doesn’t have an E-toy, they can control your Pearl using their own PC, so everyone is welcome to visit. Of course, it’s up to you to encourage your visitor know that your session can become far more exciting if they also have an E-toy. Your client can order one directly on your profile page with your unique code. You will receive a sales fee for each transaction and level up your percentage.

We will give you a fantastic introduction discount on the Pearl (retail price € 99,-). You can buy the completely redesigned Pearl2 for only € 37.50 (available from August 23). 

Do you have any questions? Our team is ready to answer all of your questions every day. Call +31 6 34 97 58 98 or send an email to